Milan-Bergamo Airport (BGY) - access to the center, bus, train

Milan-Bergamo Airport is the third busiest airport in Italy. Despite the fact that it handles about 8 million passengers each year, it has only one terminal. Milan-Bergamo Airport is located in the Lombardy region about 3 km from the town of Bergamo and about 45 km from Milan. Due to its location and cheap flights from Poland, it is a very popular destination for Polish tourists. The airport is relatively close to popular tourist destinations. Nearby are the already mentioned Milan, Lake Como, Verona, Lake Garda, the Dolomites. It is not uncommon to buy tickets to Milan-Bergamo for a few dozen zlotys from many Polish cities - even in the summer!

Basic information about Milan-Bergamo Airport (BGY)

Full name: Orio al Serio Airport
Official name: Il Caravaggio Airport
Airport IATA code: BGY
Official website:

There are numerous car rentals at the airport. If our trip is not just a weekend "city break", it is worth considering renting a car for the entire stay. It will definitely make getting around easier, as we will not be reliant on public transportation.

There is no train station at the airport itself. It is located in the center of Bergamo. The best way to get there is by airport shuttle bus, which will take about 15 minutes.

Bergamo sightseeing - information

If you are going to Bergamo, be sure to check out our guide to the city. We've included information on all the attractions and sights you can't miss while in Bergamo:

How to get from Milan-Bergamo airport to Bergamo city center (and train station)?

Airport bus

The easiest way to get to the center of Bergamo from Milan-Bergamo airport will be airport bus line 1. Tickets can still be purchased at the airport at the tourist information desk. The cost of a regular ticket is €2.40. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes from validation. It is also possible to buy a ticket at the machine or directly on the bus - but then the cost of a 90-minute ticket will be €3. There are also 24-hour tickets (cost is €5) and 72-hour tickets (cost is €7). This is a great option if you also want to take the Bergamo light rail to Citta Alta and San Vigilio Hill.

The bus runs daily, every 17 minutes or so. The trip from the airport to the center itself takes about 20 minutes.

Official website of the carrier.

Bus line 1. to the center of Bergamo
Bus line 1. to the center of Bergamo (photo:

Note 1: Your travel ticket includes luggage no larger than 20x40x60 cm! If our luggage is larger, an additional ticket will be required!

Note 2: not all buses stop at all stations! Before departing, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the current schedule.

Monday to Saturday schedule

The first bus service from the airport to the center is at 5:17 and the last at 0:32 - Monday through Saturday. On the other hand, from the city center to the airport, the first bus is at 4:57 and the last at 21:15.

Sunday and holiday schedules

On Sundays and holidays, the bus from Bergamo-Milan airport to the center of Bergamo starts running from 6:28 a.m. to 0:30 a.m. In the other direction - that is, from the center to the airport - the first bus runs from 6:07 a.m. and the last bus runs from 0:14 a.m.

The full airport bus schedule from the airport is available for download below:


It is possible to take an Uber ride. Unfortunately, the prices for this mode of transportation are horrendous. The problem is also the low availability of Uber drivers, making the Uber ride from the airport to the center of Bergamo lose a little sense.

Uber from Milan-Bergamo airport to Bergamo city center
Sample Uber price from the airport to Citta Alta in Bergamo


Cabs are available at Milan-Bergamo airport. The cab stand is located outside the arrivals hall, in a marked area. The trip to the center by cab takes about 15 minutes. The cost is as much as approx. 30 €. The official authorized cab company at the airport is. Radio Taxi Bergamo.

Phone: +39 035 451 90 90

Cab stop at Milan-Bergamo airport
Cab stand at Milan-Bergamo airport (photo:

Accommodation in the center of Bergamo

If you are going to Bergamo, check out the available accommodations on

How to get from Milan-Bergamo airport to Milan?


The best option for getting to Milan will be by bus Terravision, which departs directly from the airport. The bus stops at Milan's main station. The cost of a ticket is €8. Terravision buses leave Milan-Bergamo Airport every hour with a break between 0:30 and 5:30 a.m. The trip to Milan takes about 60 minutes. Tickets are best purchased online at Terravision's official website.

Official website of the carrier:


Milan can also be reached by train. First, however, take the airport bus to the Bergamo train station. A train to Milan from Bergamo costs €5.6 or €4.8, depending on the departure time. Some trains run directly to Milan, while others stop at Monza and Pioltello-Limito, among others. Travel time is about 50 minutes by direct train, or more than an hour if you travel with a change. We can buy tickets online:

The official website of the carrier Trenitalia:


The cost of a cab to Milan from the airport is about €80, but it can also reach up to €130! With car rental prices, this is completely unaffordable. A better idea would be to rent a car from some of the airport rental companies.

Accommodation in Milan

If you are going to Milan, below you will find a list of current accommodations on bookings:

Other destinations

From Milan-Bergamo airport to Lake Garda

The easiest way to get over Garda there will be a train. On the Garda River, unfortunately, there are only two towns with a train station: Peschiera Del Garda and Desenzano Del Garda. These are towns located on the south side of the lake. The cost of the ride is less than €10, and the trip itself takes about 1:30h. If our destination is, for example, Riva del Garda, or Malcesine - that is, the northern part, it will be necessary to use the bus. From towns such as Brescia or Desenzano we will take the bus to the larger towns in the north of Lake Garda.

From Milan-Bergamo airport to Lake Como

The best way to get to Lake Como from Bergamo-Milan airport will be by train. The route starts at the train station in Bergamo, then goes to Como with a change of trains in Monza. The cost of the ticket is €6.80. The destination station is Como S. Giovanni. The entire trip takes about 1:30h.

We can purchase tickets at the station, from vending machines and also online at the Trenitalia website:

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  1. Hi, I have a question about the airport. Departure is at 6:00 am, is there an option to be at the airport around 10:00 pm the previous day and wait there overnight?

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      I've never spent the night there personally, but from what I've heard, it's no problem to wait at this airport until morning.

  2. Hey, do transfers from Bergamo airport to Milan take place every day, all year round? The carrier does not have a problem with tickets on the phone?
    Thanks for your reply!

  3. Hello, arrival at Milan- Bergamo airport in July at 00.30, baggage claim and what next? How to get at this time to the center of Milan possibly to the center of Bergamo? Will there be cabs at the airport at this time or do I have to call and order one? Is it worth buying a transfer from ryanair in this case?

  4. Cool post. I already have the basic information. Do you know of any places in Bergamo, the lakes or Milan to go with a four year old? Gardlanad is out, as it will be closed.

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