Highways in Italy - gates, tolls, price list 2024

Highway travel in Italy, as in most European countries, is tolled. Unfortunately, the fees are relatively high. Unlike countries such as the Czech Republic, Switzerland or Austria, where it is enough to buy a vignette, in Italy you have to pay a fee every time you use the highway. The amount of the fee depends on the kilometers we covered. It can be assumed that it is an average of 7.5 euros for each 100 km covered by a passenger car. When entering a highway in Italy, you must stop and take a ticket, which you will then need to pay the toll at the exit.

A22 freeway in Italy
A22 freeway in Italy

Highway fares

The price of highway travel in Italy depends on the route taken and the type of vehicle you are driving. When it comes to price list - The easiest way to check fares is on the official government website In addition to the fare information, you will also find information about the current traffic volume, estimated travel time and road obstructions - all in real time.

  1. Go to
  2. Change language to English
  3. In the field Departure type the place where you enter the highway
  4. In the field Arrival type the place where you are exiting the highway from
  5. In the field Vehicle class select the type of vehicle you drive
  6. Click Calculate

In addition to information about the length of the route and the estimated time to cover it, we will see information about the toll we will have to pay. And so for the example route by highway A22 From Bolzano North to Trento Centro (the center of Trento) it will be €4.60.

Sample highway toll information from

Vignettes in Italy

Vignettes are a popular form of highway payment in many countries. In Italy, unlike the Czech Republic, Austria or Switzerland, for example, there are no vignettes. We pay for highways at the toll gates.

How to pay for the highway?

We can pay tolls on Italian highways in 2021 in several ways. It is important to know in advance how we intend to pay and enter the appropriate exit gate. We will then avoid unnecessary stress. Let's also make sure that the gate we choose is open. A red light means a closed gate.

Freeway gates in Italy
Different types of highway gates in Italy, depending on the payment method.


The easiest way is to pay with cash. We then go down to the gates marked with a white sign. We can pay at the cashier, or at a self-service machine.

In the first case, we simply give the ticket to the cashier. After a while, the fare will be displayed, which we pay to the cashier.

In the second case, after inserting the ticket collected at the entrance on the self-service machine, the highway fare will appear. It is a good idea to have cash and some change prepared in advance. Paying with a high-denomination banknote for a trip worth several euros can result in the machine issuing a huge amount of coins! The banknotes should be slipped into the appropriate place, and the coins should be dropped into a "bucket" of sorts. If we have paid more than we should have, change will be issued.

Debit/credit card

The fastest way to pay the fee is with a Visa/Maestro/Mastercard credit or debit card. It is advisable to use a foreign currency or multi-currency card to avoid being charged commissions.

Caution: it may happen that payment by penalty is rejected for unknown reasons (despite a positive balance)! It's a good idea to have a second card or cash ready then, especially if you're paying a particular card for a ride for the first time.


The yellow sign on the gate indicates the possibility of paying Telepass - the Polish equivalent e-TOLL (the old ViaTOLL). Payment is made using a special device in the vehicle. This avoids waiting in lines, but it is an option good for transportation and business, unsuitable for a tourist trip.


Viacard is a type of magnetic prepaid card with denominations of 25, 50 and 75 euros used to pay for highway travel in Italy. We can purchase it at toll booths on highways, service areas as well as Italian "traffic kiosks."

Types of highway gates in Italy

Entrance gates

The entry gates in Italy are of two types - for those using Telepass and others who must take an entry ticket.

Freeway entrance gates in Italy
Freeway entrance gates in Italy. Get a ticket or continue driving by having a Telepass

Exit goals

Depending on the payment method selected, you must enter the appropriate exit gate.

Cash payment sign at the operator.
Cash payment sign at a self-service machine. The blue card pictogram indicates that you can also pay by card here.
Telepass payment sign
Credit/debit card or Viacard payment sign

Freeway gates in Italy Are marked with two lights - green and red. We enter, of course, those marked with a green light.

Sample fares

The following examples are about driving an ordinary passenger car in 2021.

From whereWhere toDistancePrice
BrennerVenice343 km25.10 Euro
BrennerTrento center129 km9.20 Euro
TriesteRome677 km50 Euros
TriesteBari970 km68.90 Euro
Example of highway fares in Italy in 2024
The highway in Italy
Italy's highways are of great quality, but sometimes (especially on Holidays) they get jammed

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

No. In Italy, you pay for highways directly at the highway gates.

You can check the current price list and prices for each section on the official government website

The speed limit on the highway in Italy is 130 km/h.

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  1. As of 2022, there is a new way to charge tolls on Lombardy's highways, which are nothing like the Italian highways we know so far. North of Milan, there are several sections where there are no gates, and only signs above the road inform us that we have 15 days to pay the toll by registering at the You need to register an account on the site and enter the license plate number of the vehicle we drove. The system itself will tell you where we entered and where we exited. Payment by card should not be a problem.

  2. Website Has some error in handling:
    If we are on the tab giving the price of a highway section and after entering the starting and ending points, we press "calculate" then the price of 0.00 is shown. We need to return to the Info tab and again to the tab with the price and then the price will be given.

  3. Question: I have a lot of small euro coins. Do cashiers or vending machines accept any coin denomination? Greetings

    • This is how they accept small coins. They can be "slipped" into the vending machine too

  4. I read that on the highways there are tolls due to the classification of the car, theoretically a passenger car is in class A, but with a roof rack exceeds the maximum height for this category. Do you know if the roof rack (coffin) is taken into account for the height of the car?

  5. Yesterday I took the A1 highway in Bologna, downloaded a ticket and arrived in Florence. Nowhere along the way was there an option to pay at the exit. Is there an option to pay it somehow online after the fact?

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