Venice - attractions, monuments, accommodation - what to see in Venice?

Venice city and municipality, which is located in the north of Italy. It is the capital of the region Veneto. The origins of this city date back to 452, when it was founded by refugees from the Hun tribe. Venice is located on marshy islands in the Adriatic Sea. Today, this city is primarily a symbol of romance and carnival. It is where lovers take a gondola trip, and tourists come to visit the so-called "city on the water." Many people visit the place to take part in the Carnevale di Venezia, an event that is known around the world. It begins 10 days before Ash Wednesday. As a symbol of the carnival in Venice is considered a special colorful mask made of plaster or porcelain and richly decorated. It is worth mentioning that the entire event takes place in St. Mark's Square or Piazzetta San Marco. This is the most popular of the city's attractions, and the Venetian masks themselves have already become its symbol. In addition to the carnival itself, Venice's most popular attraction among tourists is a gondola ride on the canals. Not without reason it is said that Venice is a city famous for romance. Atmospheric corners, restaurants with delicious cuisine, and on top of that a gondola trip through the Canal Grande - doesn't it sound like a fairy tale? In addition to the city center, tourists like to go to the coast, which is about 70 kilometers from Venice. For those who like physical activity, the region offers plenty of activities, such as surfing, sailing, water skiing and scuba diving. It is worth mentioning that Venice is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety due to its location and architecture. 

Attractions in Venice

St. Mark's Square and Basilica. in Venice

St. Mark's Square is said to be the heart of Venice. It is located in the oldest part of the city. It is where the most important events take place. It is surrounded by beautiful buildings, and in the very center of it stands the Campanila, or bell tower. Next to the square is the basilica, or the burial place of St. Mark. According to legend, the evangelist during his journey to the Rome, stopped at the lagoon, and then an angel appeared to him and said: Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus. With this he indicated the place of his burial. The beautiful architecture and golden mosaics make tourists flock to the place. Admission to the basilica is free.

Bridge of Sighs

This is a bridge built in 1614. It was designed by Antonio Contino. It connects the wall of the Doge's Palace with the prison building. It was once used for the movement of prisoners. Today it is one of the most popular bridges in Venice. How did it get its name and what makes it so famous? According to legend, a kiss under the bridge in a gondola at sunset assures a couple of undying love. It is also said that by sailing under the Bridge the couple will get married in the near future. Many lovers take such a trip to see if the prophecies come true.

Canal Grande

The Canal Grande is a 3.8 km long strait. The largest and most popular canal in Venice, which accounts for most of the water traffic in the city. It is shaped like an inverted S. The canal divides the city into two parts, and each part is divided into three districts - Cannaregio, San Marco and Castello, Santa Croce, San Polo and Dorsoduro. The most popular attraction among tourists is a cruise on the Canal Grande, which allows you to see the monuments located along it from a slightly different perspective, and there are about 170 of them, including the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, Ca' Dario and Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti.


It is one of the most popular islands located in the Venetian Lagoon. What makes it so unique and so popular with tourists? First of all, the beautiful colorful buildings that create a unique atmosphere. Every day crowds of tourists pass through the island, wanting to visit this unusual place. There are many legends as to where the colorful buildings come from. According to one of them, it was supposed to help fishermen returning home during thick fog. An interesting fact is that homeowners wishing to paint their property must ask permission from the local authorities, who must also approve the color of paint with which it will be painted. This makes the colors unique. On the surface it seems that the island is small, but visiting you can enter a maze of streets, beautiful climatic corners that are sure to be remembered by everyone.

What else to see in Venice?

In addition to the beautiful buildings and monuments, if you want to experience the true atmosphere of Venice, it is worth exploring its intimate streets and corners. The everyday life of the locals, beautiful landscapes, bridges on which tourists take souvenir photos and local stores and restaurants - this is what creates the unique atmosphere of this city, which cannot be compared with any other. Storefronts with Venetian masks displayed, local cafes and extraordinary views attract tourists from all over the world. Venice is a city that impresses not only with its architecture, but also with its magnificent views. It is not without reason that it is said to be a city full of romance, because Venice will delight everyone who visits the place at least once.

Attractions for children

Venice is a city you should definitely go to with your children. About 60 km. from the city center there is Aquamarina Park. It's a complex that offers relaxation for the whole family. You can enjoy 10 pools, slides and take part in sports activities. A gondola cruise is also an excellent idea for providing attractions for the little ones. This unforgettable experience will make sightseeing a pure pleasure for children. In order to feel the atmosphere of Venice, it is worth going with your children to an art workshop. At them you can create your own Venetian mask.

Beaches close to Venice

Not far from Venice are numerous resorts frequented by tourists. The most popular of these include. Lido di Jesolo Located about 50 kilometers from the center. The beach is 15 kilometers long, and along it there is a promenade with a mass of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It is an ideal place for both young people and families with children. The beautiful beach, as well as animation, playgrounds and swimming pools make this region a popular destination. A recently established resort called Bibione It is about 100 km from Venice. It is especially recommended for families, due to its beautiful beaches and gentle descent to the sea. In addition to beachcombing, you can also enjoy the thermal baths located nearby. There are also numerous bars and restaurants in the neighborhood.

Getting there - how to get to Venice?

To get to Venice you can choose to fly by plane or travel by car. The nearest airport, Marco Polo, is about 12 km from the center, and another, Treviso-Sant'Angelo, is about 25 km away. Flights to Venice are offered by Ryanair from Gdansk, Katowice, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw, among others. A one-way ticket for one person can be found from as low as 24 zloty. To get from the airport to Venice, it's best to take a bus. The route from Poland to Venice is about 1060 km. If you choose to travel by car, you should keep in mind the fees for, among other things highways, vignettes and parking lots. Getting there by your own car also allows you to visit cities along the way. Among others, stop in Brno and Vienna. You can also get off the road and visit picturesque Slovenia, Slovakia or Hungary. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to get around Venice by car. There, transportation is carried out only by water. going on a trip by your own car, it is best to leave the car in a parking lot, for example, Piazzale Roma. This is a place that can accommodate more than 2 thousand cars. The price per day for a passenger car is €26.

Public transportation

In Venice, public transportation operates somewhat differently than in other Italian cities. Due to its partial location on the water, the most popular means of transportation are water streetcars called vaporetto - allow you to move between the islands. Buses can also be used. Public transportation is managed by the AVM/Actv company. Ticket prices depend on the route and mode of transportation. For example, a single ticket for a bus costs about €1.5, while a vaporetto (75-minute) costs €7.5.

Weather in Venice

The warmest months in Venice are June, July and August, then the average daytime temperature is over 20 ° C, and the number of hours of sunshine is 11. To avoid the crowds and take advantage of the sunny weather, it is worth going to Venice in May or September, then the average daytime temperature is below 20 ° C. The coldest months are December, January and February, the average daytime temperature then is about 5 ° C.

Cuisine, or what's good to eat?

Venice is a city famous for a variety of local dishes. The first recommended delicacy is cicchetti. These are small appetizers usually served with wine called ombra. Most often it is a piece of bread or polenta with cold meat or fish. Another local snack is Sarde in Saor Which is fried sardines in a vinegar marinade with raisins and pine nuts. The next dish you absolutely must try is Polenta e schie. These are boiled or fried shrimp fished in the region Veneto with the addition of garlic, oil or parsley. The region is also famous for tiramisu, a traditional Italian dessert. In Venice, you can try the classic version, or be tempted by pistachio or strawberry.


In Venice you will find a large selection of accommodations. The price depends on the location as well as the guest amenities available to the hotels. The first property is Rosa Salva Hotel with an excellent location, near St. Mark's Square which is the very heart of Venice. It is one of the historic hotels in the city. The price for one night for two people is £365. 

Another place worth noting is the Hotel Eurostars Residenza Cannaregio. This is a property for those who appreciate quietness. It is located in a quiet neighborhood. It has a garden and a courtyard, and the accommodation itself is located next to local stores, bookstores and markets. It is located near the Rialto Bridge, which takes about 15 minutes to walk to. The price for one night for two people is 358 zloty. Another property with an excellent location is the five-star Hotel Bauer Palazzo. It is located a 2-minute walk from St. Mark's Square. The hotel has beautiful rooms as well as a restaurant and terrace overlooking the Canal Grande. The price for two people per night is PLN 1,088.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

The parking lots in Piazzale Roma are the most expensive, but they are right in the center. The first of these is the Autorimessa Comunale. Here you will pay €26 to park your car for 24 hours. The second, ideal for a shorter stop, is S. Andrea. The rate here is about 7€ for every 2 hours of parking. About 1300m from Piazzale Roma is the Venezia Tronchetto parking lot, where we will pay consecutively: 3€ per hour, 8€ for 2 hours, 14€ for 3 hours and 22€ for 24 hours.

Venice is among the most expensive Italian cities. You should expect to pay more on average for a restaurant dinner, souvenirs or a visit to museums than in other tourist destinations in Italy.

The cost of a gondola cruise is €80 before sunset or €100 during or after sunset. The price quoted is per gondola rental, not per person. The cost is spread over the renters.

The standard gondola cruise takes about 30 minutes.

The gondola holds 6 passengers (including children), plus the helmsman.

I visit Italy every year, sometimes even several times. I even happened to live in this beautiful country for almost a year. I regularly publish articles about Italy on my blog.


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      Hey vikka, the cost of a gondola in Venice is 80 Euros or 100 Euros for a sunset gondola rental. We have added this information to the FAQ 🙂

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