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Capri is one of the most luxurious islands in Italy. It is located in the Bay of Naples and covers an area of 10.4 km². Turquoise and clear water, rocky slopes and delicious cuisine make it one of the most visited places in Italy. The island is divided into two parts and at the same time two cities - Capri, and Anacapri. Limestone caves, picturesque views, the possibility of active recreation combined with beachcombing and a number of attractions attract crowds of tourists from all over the world. Capri is an island where, in addition to the rocks, greenery dominates. Mediterranean plants combined with rocky coastlines is a magnificent landscape, which can be admired, among other things, by climbing the Phoenician Steps of 777 steps. These are carved into the rock. It will be a paradise for those who enjoy active recreation combined with picturesque views. The highest hill on the island is Monte Solaro, which is also the most beautiful vantage point. Capri is called the island of mermaids. It was once a place where Roman emperors rested, and today you can meet the world's biggest celebrities there. It is a place that is certainly worth visiting. One of the most popular attractions of the Positano area, Sorrento or Naples are cruises to Capri, as it is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Italy.

Attractions - what to see on Capri?

Grotta Azzurra (Azure Grotto)

This is undoubtedly the most interesting of the attractions on the island of Capri. Azure Grotto which is a sea cave 60 meters long and 25 meters wide, is one of the most beautiful and also the most popular places on the island. You can get to this place by boat from Marina Grande, or by bus from the center of Anacapri. The best time to visit the Azure Grotto is between 12 and 2 pm, and also in the morning. This is when the light is strongest, making the views here breathtaking. Swimming inside the cave is prohibited, but many people break this rule by getting there by sea during the hours when boats are no longer running and ticket offices are closed. This is extremely dangerous, however, due to the changing weather, and rough waves. A visit to the Azure Grotto costs €14 (including boat transportation, which is €10, and admission €4). Admission for children under the age of 6 is free. There are times when the cave is closed due to rough seas or unfavorable weather conditions.

Monte Solaro

It is the highest peak on the island of Capri. It has an altitude of 589 meters above sea level. It also provides the most beautiful vantage point. To get to the summit you can either walk or use the chairlift. Choosing to travel on foot, the ascent may take about 1 - 1.5h. It is advisable to bring comfortable shoes and water, especially if the temperature is high. The descent, on the other hand, takes about 30 minutes. Wanting to take the ski lift, you should first make sure that it is open. This is largely dependent on the weather. The trip takes about 12 minutes. It is worth mentioning that seats on the lift are single. A one-way ticket costs €9, while a two-way ticket costs €12. A trip to Monte Solaro is definitely something to be experienced. The unearthly views of Capri's skyline, sea and rocky coastline will make this place memorable for a long time. While at the top of Monte Solaro, it is worth going to a place nearby called Cetrella Hermitage. There is also a church, a bell tower and a sacristy.

Augusta Gardens

This place is ideal for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A walk among the greenery with a beautiful view of the Faraglioni will grab the heart of anyone who visits this place for the first time. These are botanical gardens with Mediterranean vegetation, picturesque views and sculptures. You can find flower terraces there, as well as walk and admire the beauty of nature. The entrance ticket to this place costs €1, while entry is free for children under the age of 12.

Villa San Michele

It's a place that Swedish physician and writer Axel Munthe built. He used to say: "I want my house to be open to the sun, the wind and the voice of the sea, like a Greek temple, and light, light, light everywhere!" Today it serves as a museum that is visited by crowds of people. It houses numerous works of art such as the Medusa Head, a marble bust of Emperor Tiberius, as well as frescoes and statues. The villa also has an exceptional garden. Lilies, pomegranates, hydrangeas are just some of the types of plants that can be found there. It is worth mentioning that San Michele can be rented for parties, weddings or various meetings. The Castello Barbarossa is also located in the area. The entrance ticket costs €10 for adults, €6 for young people and students, and admission is free for children under 10.

Piazza Umberto I

The most popular square on the island of Capri, located in the town of the same name. It is also called the Piazzetta. It used to be a place of commerce, but later when Raffaele Vuotto put a few tables in front of his establishment in the 20th century, the square became an ideal meeting center. One of the features of the place is the clock tower. Around the square you can find many bars and restaurants with local dishes from the island of Capri. It is the most visited place among both locals and tourists who want to feel the real atmosphere of the island of Capri.

Beaches on Capri

Marina Grande

This is the largest beach, which is located just off the harbor. Due to its location, it is one of the more popular beaches in this region. The water is transparent and the beach itself tempts with beautiful views. The rocks combined with beautiful buildings and views of the harbor make it the most popular beach in the region. It is an ideal place for families with children, due to the gentle descent into the water. You can observe the harbor, the beautiful rocky slopes, and you can also stroll along the stone pier. This beach is one of the most popular places and also the most crowded, especially during the summer season.

Marina Piccola

Another beach worth visiting is located in the south of the island. You can get there by car, public transportation or on foot. There used to be a Roman port in this area. Today it is one of the most visited places on Capri. There are two beaches there, separated from each other. Part of the area is private land, while the other part is municipal beaches. The entrance to the water is gentle, which is favorable for relaxing with children. The beach provides beautiful views of the Faraglioni, or rocks emerging from the sea. These include Stella, Faraglione di mezzo and Scopolo. They owe their irregular and sharp shapes to the erosive activity of the water.

What to eat in Capri? Cuisine, food

From the island of Capri comes the world-famous caprese salad, which is a combination of tomatoes and mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and topped with basil. Another local dish is ravioli capresi. These are small ravioli stuffed with various cheeses (for example, caciotta and grated Parmesan), with the addition of marjoram. The whole thing is topped with tomato sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Anyone who has been to Italy at least once has certainly heard of the most popular drink, which is limoncello. Few people, however, know that it originated on the island of Capri. Today it is popular throughout the country, and was once served only on special occasions. Limoncello is a lemon liqueur that is unique because of the unique variety of lemons found in the region. It is usually served after a meal, for better digestion. It is certainly worth stocking up on a few bottles of limoncello when visiting Italy. A dessert that is undoubtedly associated with the island of Capri is chocolate and almond cake, which resembles a brownie in texture. According to legend, a confectioner, while baking a cake for tourists, forgot to add flour to it. The result exceeded his wildest expectations and the cake became a permanent fixture on the menu of his restaurant, and today it is one of the most famous desserts in the region.

Communication in Capri

On the island of Capri, the main transportation point is Marina Grande. From here both ferries depart and arrive, hydrofoils, and the stop from which all buses depart. Capri is a small island, so connections are very good. Quite a few people also choose to walk. Due to the narrow roads, the most popular way to get around is by cab, or by bus (of a special size, adapted to the conditions on the island). Thanks to well-developed public transportation, it is possible to get to both parts of the island from the bus stop right next to Marina Grande. Buses run quite frequently and but are somewhat crowded. You can also choose the cable car, which connects Marina Grande to Piazza Umberto. There you can reach the center of Capri. Wanting to get to the top of Monte Solaro, you can also use a chairlift. This provides extraordinary views and an unforgettable experience. 

How to get to Capri? Ferry and plane

If you want to go to Capri, you can choose to take a plane flight to Capri. Naples. Ryanair airlines offer flights from Poland from Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. In low season, one-way tickets for one person can be found from as low as PLN 39. From the airport to the center of Naples, the route is about 7 kilometers. You can get there by public transportation, or by cab. After reaching Naples, you should buy a ticket for a ferry or hydrofoil. It is worth mentioning that they depart from two stations in Naples: Molo Beverello and Porta di Massa. Ticket prices as well as their availability depend largely on the weather and the season, so it is best to check in advance on the website of the main carriers. These include: SNAV, Caremar and Navigazione Libera del Golfo. The first station, called Porta di Massa, offers a ferry ride that goes slower, but guarantees beautiful views. It is the only station that offers the possibility of crossing to the island with your own car. Importantly, you can only use your car between November and the end of March. Only residents of the island can use their cars. Especially due to the narrow roads and lack of parking, as well as the large number of tourists, it would be inconvenient to move your own car during the summer season. The Beverello Pier Station offers hydrofoil crossing. This will be an ideal option, for those who want to get to the island in the shortest possible time.

Weather in Capri

The best time to go to Capri is from May to October, when the maximum daytime temperature is around 20°C. The highest rainfall can be expected in November, December and January. This is also when the maximum daytime temperature is below 20°C. The warmest months are July and August. Then the maximum daytime temperature is above 25 ° C and the number of hours of sunshine during this period is 11-12. If you want to avoid the crowds, it is best to go to Capri in May, June or September. The maximum temperature at this time is about 20°C, and this will allow you to explore and beach freely.

Accommodation - where to stay?

There is a reason Capri is called one of the most luxurious islands in Italy. Because of the picturesque views and the array of attractions the island offers, it is one of the more expensive destinations in terms of accommodations. As in most cases, the total cost is influenced by location and guest amenities. Worth mentioning in particular is the B&B Palazzo a Mare property. Situated only 50 meters from the beach. Nearby there is a bus stop, and a restaurant with local specialties. The price per night for two people including breakfast is 416 zloty. For those who like active leisure, Le Gemme Guest House is especially recommended, a popular area for cycling nearby. Villa San Michele is also located nearby. The property has a spa, wellness center and terrace. The price for two people for one night is PLN 313. Another accommodation that is sure to be ideal for those who want to enjoy the scenic views. This is B&B The Sunset, which has a terrace where breakfast is served daily. Each room also has a patio with a table, umbrellas and deck chairs. The price per night for two people including breakfast is 346 zloty.

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