Italy's best resorts and most popular beaches in Italy

Recently, more and more people are choosing to travel abroad, and Italy is one of the most frequently chosen destinations for a vacation. It has become extremely popular because of the weather, which in summer is almost dreamlike for beachcombing and sightseeing. Accommodation prices are comparable to those in Poland, plus you can experience local delicacies, national culture and architecture. When planning a trip to Italy, many people wonder which part or region of Italy to choose. In this country you will find plenty of beautiful, picturesque beaches that are sure to please any, even a very demanding traveler. Some of them are besieged, and some of them are delightful for their natural qualities, silence and tranquility. When planning such a trip, we need to think about our preferences. In this article we will briefly talk about the most popular resorts and beaches in selected regions of Italy.


This region is primarily associated with the most popular attraction that is the Cinque Terre. It is a national park established in 1999. Its name means "five lands," or rather cities: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola i Riomaggiore. This part of Italy is especially famous for its exceptional views, hiking trails and beaches. Without a doubt, the most popular is the Spiaggia di Fegina Considered the most beautiful beach in Cinque Terre. The turquoise color of the water attracts not only sunbathing enthusiasts, but also swimmers. It is surrounded by rocks, which guarantees unforgettable views. This beach will be an ideal choice for families with children, as the entrance to the sea is gentle and safety is supervised by a lifeguard.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre is a popular tourist destination in Italy(photo by Mark Pecar

Also noteworthy is the resort Alassio. It is located there one of the longest beaches in Liguria, and numerous bars, restaurants and stores nearby.

Another beach worth going to is the following. Spiaggia Baia del Silenzio located in Sestri Levante. It is free and visited in large numbers by both tourists and locals. There is a small promenade nearby, as well as numerous restaurants. From the beach you can admire the buildings of the city, which gives it a unique atmosphere.


There is a reason why Tuscany is considered the most popular destination among tourists going to Italy. It is home to numerous beaches with title Bandiere Blù, or blue flag. This designation is earned only by the cleanest and most beautiful beaches. In Tuscany there are really quite a few of them. Which one to choose?

The first resort that undoubtedly deserves attention is the Forte dei Marmi. There you will find wide, sandy beaches and the sea with crystal clear water. It will be an ideal place both for young people (there are numerous bars, restaurants and organized discos nearby), and for families with children (the descent to the sea is gentle, and the safety on the beach is guarded by a lifeguard).

Forte dei Marmi
Forte dei Marmi (photo: Andreas Weilguny

Another seaside resort worth mentioning is the Marina di Pietrasanta. There are beautiful beaches here, stretching up to 5 kilometers. The biggest advantage of this area is the richness of nature. Forests blend here with mountains, sea and beach. It will be an ideal place to relax for those who like peace and quiet.


The most beautiful resort in this region it's Terracina. There are many sandy beaches, with crystal clear water and a gentle descent to the sea. It is worth mentioning that there is plenty of iodine in the air, which has healing properties. On the beach there are deck chairs, umbrellas, and numerous bars and restaurants nearby. The most popular attractions in the area are scuba diving and the possibility of water skiing.

Terracina (photo by Bruce Kee

Another beach that will be ideal for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city is Spiaggia del Prigioniero, or "prisoners' beach." Its name comes from a soldier who found a hiding place there during World War II. It is located from near the Circeo National Park. At the bottom of the beach there is a cave where you can take refuge from the heat. This place is a real oasis of peace and is usually not crowded.


This is a region famous for its picturesque views and extraordinary natural features. One of the most popular beaches in the region is the Cala Bianca. You won't find bars and restaurants there. It's a beach famous for its rich nature, which, combined with white sand and turquoise sea, makes for a perfect place to relax.

Another beach worth noting is Marina di Praia. It is located between Positano a Amalfi. The beach is rocky and located between two rocky ridges. There are numerous bars and restaurants in the vicinity. It is worth mentioning that due to its location, the sun on the beach only reaches for a few hours during the day.

Amalfi (photo by Shanti Donato

It is also impossible not to mention Spiaggia del Buon Dormire. This is a unique beach that can only be reached by boat from the town of Palinuro. The water there is turquoise and emerald in color, and the sand is golden. The beach is completely isolated from the town, surrounded by rocks, with a beautiful view of the sea.


The most famous and popular beach in this region is the Spiaggia della Rotonda, located under the cliff. It is the most visited place during trips to the city Tropea. The beach along with the cliff is sometimes immortalized in photographs advertising Calabria. The views are breathtaking, as from the beach you can see the cliff and the old town on it.

Tropea - beach
Spiaggia della Rotonda in Tropea (photo by Massimo Virgilio

Another place to visit is the Spiaggia Di Scilla. It is located in the province of Reggio Calabria and is one of the most popular beaches in the area. It is about 300 meters long. It delights with extraordinary views and crystal clear waters. There are ice cream parlors, restaurants and pubs nearby.


Puglia is a region famous for its beautiful beaches. One of the most popular is Spiaggia di Pescoluse Located in Salento. It is referred to as the Maldives or the Caribbean. It is a beautiful paradise beach that has won numerous awards (such as the Blue Flag). It is an ideal place for relaxation for both children and adults. There is a miniclub with entertainers, as well as numerous restaurants with local delicacies.

Also worth mentioning is the Spiaggia di Castello beach. It is located on the Gargano peninsula. It is a beach with a length of several kilometers. There are bars nearby, as well as restaurants, and sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach.

Another noteworthy place is Lama Monachile. This is a beach located in Polignano a Mare. It will be an ideal place for those who want to combine relaxation and swimming in the sea with sightseeing. The beach is located near the center, which allows easy and quick access. You can enjoy beautiful views of the cliffs from it.

Polignano a Mare
Polignano a Mare (photo: Vincenzo De Simone


One of the most popular resorts in the region is the Lido di Dante. It is located about 10 kilometers from Ravenna. The most popular beach among tourists is the town beach, which is about 700 meters long. It will be ideal for families with children, as there are numerous playgrounds nearby and the descent to the sea is gentle.

The next most popular resort is undoubtedly the Rimini. It is the most popular place to spend vacations By families with children and young people. It is here that excursions and camps are most often organized, and the beach has numerous volleyball and basketball courts, as well as outdoor gyms. Unfortunately, most sections of the beach are paid, but you can find accommodations with hotel beach access.

Rimini (photo: Giordano Rossoni

Also worth mentioning is a popular town called Riccione. If you do not like such a besieged place as Rimini, this resort is located nearby. It is worth mentioning that there are numerous attractions for the youngest in the neighborhood. It is worth visiting the amusement park Oltremare, or Aquafan.


Sicily is an island full of unique beaches and corners where you can bask in the sun while enjoying beautiful views. Let's start with the considered the most beautiful resort called San Vito lo Capo. There is a beach there, where the white sand combined with the turquoise color of the water attracts crowds of tourists. The paradisiacal views make you feel like you are in a remote part of the world. The beach itself often earns the title of the most beautiful in all of Sicily.

Another place worth visiting is Scala dei Turchi. It's a white limestone cliff that is now one of the most interesting attractions in Sicily. This place will certainly be ideal for beachcombing, as such a view is sure to remain long in the memory. There are also numerous bars and restaurants in the area.

Scala dei Turchi
Scala dei Turchi in Sicily (photo: Dario Ciraulo

Another beach is located in Cefalu. It is a seaside resort, at which you will also find a harbor. The beach in Cefalù is unique, due to the fact that it is connected to the city, so that while sunbathing or swimming you can admire the characteristic buildings. It is an extremely picturesque place that attracts crowds of tourists.


Sardinia is a true paradise for those who enjoy the beach. During the summer season, tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the unique views. The beautiful beaches located there are compared with faraway, exotic corners of the world.

The first of these is La Pelosa Located near Stintino. The sea there takes on different colors, from turquoise to emerald. The beach overlooks the Torre della Pelosa Tower.

La Pelosa

Another beach is Spiaggia di Berchida, which is also one of the most popular in Sardinia. Nearby you can find water equipment rentals and bars and restaurants. You can also meet...cows. This is a unique sight that will delight not only nature lovers. Cows graze nearby and it happens that they enter the beach.

If you will be in the area be sure to visit this place! It is also worth going to the area Orosei Bays. There is a beach named Cala Luna. It is a real paradise for beach lovers, as well as diving. There are cliffs in the vicinity, as well as a rocky cave that provides shelter from the heat. We can get to the beach by boat, or walk along a rather difficult mountain trail.

cala luna
Cala Luna (photo: Reiseuhu

It is also worth mentioning a place that tourists unfortunately do not have access to, but is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Sardinia. We are talking about Spiaggia Rosa. It is a beach located in Roto Bay, on the island of Budella (in the La Maddalena archipelago). The La Maddalena Archipelago National Park was created to protect the area. The beach was closed to tourists in 1998 because it began to lose its natural color. Its name comes from its unique pink sand.

I visit Italy every year, sometimes even several times. I even happened to live in this beautiful country for almost a year. I regularly publish articles about Italy on my blog.

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