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Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region. A city associated primarily with art, culture and numerous monuments. It is a symbol of the Renaissance. It often earns the title of the most beautiful city in Italy. Anyone who visits this place at least once is sure to return to it. It attracts art lovers from all over the world. It was in this city that Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci created. Picturesque views, unique architecture and numerous attractions make Florence visited by crowds of tourists. Museums, churches, and galleries are a veritable paradise for history and art enthusiasts. The showpiece of Florence and a must-visit place is the Ponte Vecchio, an old bridge located on the Arno River. Also worth mentioning is a unique place in the heart of Florence. This is the Boboli Garden with an area of about 11 hectares. The unique vegetation, numerous fountains and sculptures definitely make the park a refuge for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Most of the monuments in Florence are located close together. By exploring the city on foot, you can get to know every corner more thoroughly. Walking along narrow streets, the smells of local food wafting in the air, plus views of the most popular monuments. Such a trip will certainly allow you to feel the atmosphere of the city, which for good reason is called the symbol of the Renaissance.


Piazza della Signoria

It is sometimes called the sky museum. Numerously visited by tourists and surrounded by magnificent monuments square located in the center of Florence. An atmospheric and unusual place, which is called the heart of this city. In the square there is a fountain of Neptune made of white marble. Nearby you can see the equestrian statue of Cosimo I Medici. One of the most important buildings nearby is the Palazzo Vecchio. This place delights not only art lovers, but anyone who wants to experience the unique atmosphere of Florence.

Uffizi Gallery

This is an art gallery built in the 16th century. One of the most visited places in Florence. It attracts art lovers from all over the world. It is best to spend a minimum of 3 hours to visit this place, but most tourists spend much more time there. The gallery has as many as 45 rooms, as well as rooms with drawings and self-portraits. Of particular note are works by artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Rubens and Titian. In the gallery we can find images of John III Sobieski, Sigismund I, Sigismund III, as well as Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Meanwhile, among the miniatures are Henry of Valois and Stefan Batory, among others. An entrance ticket to the Uffizi Gallery costs €20. It is also possible to purchase a discounted ticket for €2 and this applies to all EU citizens aged 18-25. Free admission applies to children under 18, guides, people with disabilities, student groups, students and academics, and Members of the International Council of Museums. Tickets can also be purchased for €4 when booked in advance on the website.

Santa Maria Novella

It is a church built in the 13th century. It is one of the most visited places in Florence. Its unique architecture makes it impossible to pass by it indifferently. The construction of the church includes a tympanum, a rosette, as well as a portal with the coats of arms of the Rucellaich family. Inside there are numerous frescoes. Some of them were made by Domenico Ghirlandaio and show events from the life of Mary and John the Baptist. Many works that are certainly worth seeing are by Tino di Camaino, Agnolo Bronzino and Benedetto da Maiano. It is a special place due to the fact that the history of Italian art was begun there. The Church of Santa Maria Novella is located near the train station. Admission tickets cost €7.5. For minors aged 11-18 the fee is €5. There is free admission and applies to children under 11, people with disabilities and their caregivers, residents of the municipality of Florence, as well as members of religious orders and group leaders.

Piazzale Michelangelo

It is impossible not to mention a place to which everyone should go at least once. This is the piazza from which you can observe the view of all Florence. It was built in the 19th century and is dedicated to Michelangelo. It was designed by architect Giuseppe Poggi. Admission is free and you can go there at any time. Most tourists arrive there just before sunset. The popularity of this place makes it one of the most besieged viewpoints in Florence. The unique landscape attracts tourists from all over the world to this place. To get there you can use public transportation. You can also get there by car.

Basilica of San Lorenzo

It is one of the largest temples in Florence. It was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. It is the burial place of important members of the Medici family. The basilica is divided into several parts. One of them is the Biblioteca Laurenziana, which was designed by Michelangelo and is a huge collection of books, as well as manuscripts. Another part is the New Sacristy, which is also the resting place of the Medici. Its construction was initiated by Michelangelo and completed by Giorgio Vasari. The unique architecture of the entire basilica and its history attract not only art lovers.

Galleria dell'Accademia

It is a museum founded in 1784. It houses many valuable works and exhibits. Among them are the sculpture "David" by Michelangelo, the painting "Madonna of the Sea" by Botticelli and "Venus and Cupid" by Jacop Pontormo. The museum has in its collection works by artists such as Rafael Santi, Paolo Uccello, Lorenzo Monaco and Andrea del Sarto. The ticket price is €12, a discounted ticket is for young people aged 18-25 and costs €2.

What else to see? Other attractions in Florence

Florence is not only a city of monuments, rich architecture, art and culture. For those who like nature and greenery, the rose and iris garden is particularly recommended. In addition to beautiful views of the city skyline, you can also enjoy the unique vegetation. The iris garden can be visited during the period of their bloom, that is from April to May. In the rose garden you will find about 400 varieties of roses and 1,200 other species of plants. The best time to visit this place is from May to June. The Medici Villas and Palaces are also worth a visit. These are buildings that were built between the 15th and 17th centuries. A place that is definitely worth a visit is the Mercato Centrale market, where you can find regional cheeses with various toppings, pasta, olives, meats, spices and vegetables and fruits. Those wishing to learn more about local products can go for wine tastings. A particularly recommended place is Castello del Trebbio. About 20 kilometers away from Florence, the facility produces wine and olive oil. There's also a store on site where you can buy seasonal products such as cinnamon and saffron jam, for example.

Atraction for children

Florence is a city worth traveling to with children. There are plenty of attractions in the area for both the little ones and the whole family. Not far from Pisa, and at a distance of about 105 kilometers from Florence is the Piccolo Mondo Amusement Park. A number of attractions make it one of the most visited places. There are go-karts, slides, pools, kayaks and even karaoke. It is an ideal place for the whole family. About 55 kilometers from Florence is the town of Pistoia, and there is a zoo with more than 400 animals. It will be the perfect place for a family trip. There are turtles, elephants, lemurs, snakes, alligators, camels, hippos and many other species of animals. An entrance ticket costs €16. A ticket for adults over 65 is €15, and for children between the ages of 3 and 10 is €12. About 135 kilometers from Florence is the CavallinoMatto amusement park, offering attractions for children and adults. Tickets can be purchased online or on site. Buying a ticket online is €25, while at the ticket office it is €28. Admission for children up to 99 cm tall is free. And for children from 100 to 130 cm when purchased online it costs €18, while at the box office it costs €19.

Getting to Florence

To get to Florence, we can choose to fly by plane or get there by car. With no direct flights, the airport most often chosen by tourists is about 85 kilometers from Florence and is located in the Pisa. You can fly there from Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Warsaw. The price of a one-way ticket for one person depends on the departure date. In low season, you can find them from as low as 87 zloty. To get from the airport to the center of Pisa you need to get there by bus, or cab. You can also rent a car. From the center of Pisa, Florence can be reached by bus or train, and such a trip takes about 1-1.5 hours. The Tuscan capital can also be reached by car. The route is about 1,500 kilometers. To get to Florence, you should be aware of the tolls for highways, vignettes and parking lots. Along the way, you can make several stops and visit Vienna, Brno, and among others. Bologna. You can also go to other cities a bit off the beaten track, but definitely worth seeing. Especially being in the area, it is worth going to Venice and Paducah.

Public transportation in Florence

Florence is a city where all the monuments are located not far from each other making it easy for tourists to explore on foot. However, if you want to get farther, the best means of transportation is by bus or streetcar. The best means of public transport is the bus, which has nearly 100 lines, and compares with the streetcar, which only runs on one route. Tickets can be bought from a special machine, kiosk or store. They are divided into time zones. A ticket for a 70-minute period costs €1.20, for 24 hours €5, and for 72 hours €12.


The warmest months in Florence are June, July and August. During this period, the average daytime temperature is over 20°C. The coldest days occur in December, January and February. The average temperature in these months is about 5°C. This is also the period of the most heavy rainfall. Wanting to avoid the crowds and at the same time enjoy sunny weather, the best time to go is in May and September. Then the average daytime temperature is above 15°C.


Italian cuisine is special. There is a reason why tourists visit this country in such large numbers and try local dishes. Each region has its own specialties that certainly need to be explored. Local dishes that Tuscany is famous for include pappardelle al cinghiale, or pasta with venison, and a dish called panzanella, which is nothing more than a salad that includes stale bread soaked in water and additions such as onions and olives, for example. Another dish is ribollita, which is a thick and filling bean soup, and le cecina, which is a chickpea pie that resembles a pizza in shape. Another local delicacy is pappa al pomodoro, which is nothing but a thick tomato soup that is served both hot and cold. For fans of sweets, cantuccini, or almond cookies, and castagnaccio, or chestnut cake with raisins, pine nuts and rosemary, are particularly recommended.


You can find quite a lot of accommodations in Florence. Hotels and apartments offer different standards and amenities for guests. Prices also depend on the location. Particularly recommended by tourists is Hotel La Scaletta, which is located between the Bridge of Goldsmiths and Pitti Palace. There is a train station and a gallery nearby. The hotel offers guests a rooftop terrace with views of the surrounding area. The price for one night for two people is 558 zloty. Another place worth noting is the Hotel Delle Nazioni. It is located 50 meters from the train station. Its attractive location makes it a popular choice for tourists. The price for one night including breakfast for two people is 315 PLN. For those who prefer to relax by the pool, the ideal place will be the Hotel Glance In Florence, which is located about 0.5 kilometers from the center of Florence. Its rooftop pool and convenient location, as well as its excellent food, make it a suitable place to relax. Also highly recommended is the B&B Residenza Giotto, which is located in Florence's historic district. The price for one night for two people including breakfast is £511. The historic style of the building and a range of amenities make it a popular choice for tourists.

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